Wings Island Girl Necklace (One-Off)

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For the vibrant hearts that search for UNIQUE. The Wings "Island Girl" Necklace reminds us of the innate wisdom and wholeness that lay within, and the VIBRANCY of Mother Earth. 
YOU are the medicine living harmoniously in this world.
You radiate the light of The Devine by leading with your HEART.  

A One Off Creation. Howlite centre with sculpted Lemurian Crystal, Shells, Moonstone & Pearl. Large Pearlescent Shell, Chlorite Included Clear Quartz, Cowrie Shells, Pearl, Agate, Green & Pink Tourmaline, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Pink Opal & Prehnite.
Material - Sterling Silver Clasp.
Length - 38cm
Size of Centrepiece - 5.8cm x 4.5cm

- Joy
- Harmony
- Trust & Faith
- Devine Love
- Courage
- Highest Potential

I'm handmade - please treat me with extra care.
We recommend not wearing this piece to sleep or during vigorous exercise.

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