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Mallow & Thyme is the Australian born Luxury Crystal Jewellery label founded by Tiona Pemberton in 2014.

Divine, Powerful, Intuitive Pieces - Created with Love and Blessings.

Welcome to the Tribe.

Picking the right Crystal for YOU

As intuitive beings, my advice is to always listen to your gut. Listen to what’s calling to you and that’s the crystal you should pick. On a subconscious level we are often drawn to crystals that gift us with what we need most.With every crystal different in it’s own unique way, trust that you will be guided to what’s right for you.To learn more about why you are drawn to certain crystals; check out my compact guide below.


  • “A purchase with M&T is a whole intentional experience for the mind, body and soul.  The level of thought and love poured into the creations is felt through the screen & then into your hands upon arrival. My experience with M&T has been truly sacred, impactful and intentional. From the craft to the heart - it has been a gift of magic and medicine to my soul leaving a true footprint in my heart which is magnified in the pieces I have.”

  • “I have purchased so many unique and beautifully handcrafted necklaces from Mallow & Thyme. The quality of the crystals, and the necklaces as a whole, is honestly the best I’ve come across. I love all of my pieces, as they bring such a calming & loving energy that comes from their beautiful creator Tiona.”

  • “Tiona’s work is second to none! I have 3 of her magical pieces in my collection and each have given me so much strength and positive energy.  The latest piece I purchased was a dainty Herkimer necklace and it was such a blessing on my wedding day!!! 
    Without Tiona’s amazing dedication in creating that little slice of Herki goodness, none of that would have been possible. So thank you T, from the bottom of my heart.” 

  • “I have bought 3 beautiful crystal pieces from Mallow and Thyme and I absolutely love them.  Tiona puts her heart and soul into every piece.  Such a kind hearted beautiful soul.”

  • “Thank you Tiona for your beautiful creations,  I absolutely love each piece that I have purchased! Their special energies radiate whenever I am wearing them. X”

  • “My M&T loves, I’ve collected a few over the years & they still get comments every time I wear them. Tiona puts so much love & attention into each of her pieces, you can feel the positive energy as soon as you open the beautiful packaging. Tiona is a gem herself, always graciously accommodating my requests for a bespoke piece. You can never have too many of Tiona’s gorgeous creations! Xxx”

  • “I have purchased a few pieces from Tiona and I absolutely adore them! The attention to detail, the quality of crystals and even the super thoughtful and creative packaging make supporting an amazing local brand a dream ♡ Every time I wear them I always get compliments, and love how the crystals make me feel too!!”

  • “I have never seen jewellery so unique as what I have seen with Mallow and Thyme.  I have purchased quite a few unique pieces and have quite a few favourites but the below are at the top of the list.  My go to pieces are my Smokey Quartz, my Herkimer diamond and of course my beautiful Anethyst but have also had the privilege to own a beautiful Amethyst crystal lamp as well.  I never go a day without wearing one of Tiona’s creations and always have so many comments on these stand out pieces.  Each crystal is special due to them being hand chosen and their healing properties and I feel they make everyone feel special when they are worn.  I would highly recommend Mallow and Thyme especially if you are after that special unique piece to add to your wardrobe.”

  • “Tiona’s service is second to none offering beautiful and exquisite pieces that are of a high quality! She carefully selects crystals that are a dream to wear and receive many compliments when worn. I have purchased many pieces from Tiona and each has a very special place in my heart and in my jewellery collection.”

  • “I have three beautiful pieces from Mallow and Thyme and they are just so special! There are so many crystal jewellery places out and M+T is one of my favourite places to purchase from. The quality of the crystals is exceptional and you can just feel the magic and love that goes into each piece. The creator of M+T is just lovely as well. She is so inspiring and caring and is always there to help. I can't wait to see this beautiful brand continue to grow!”

  • “Tiona makes the most incredibly beautiful and delicate jewellery and you will never find another piece the same. A massive amount of time, love and passion are put into each piece designed and handmade by T and it shows. I have bought pieces for myself and my family and they love them as much as I do. I also love that they can be worn for absolutely any occasion, as the quality is stunning, and can also be worn in your every day life and I guarantee someone will always give you a compliment. I can’t wait to buy more to add to my beautiful collection by T.”

  • “I have purchased a few products from M&T not only for myself but as gifts for loved ones.. the bee necklace which had so many complements I bought another for my friend in Perth!  A beautiful quartz crystal for my best friend who was going through a rough period and wanted to invite positive energy into her life - and boy has it delivered for her! My fave purchase has been my Smoky Quartz Lamp.. every night it goes on and I literally feel relaxed and at ease in its ambience, my toddler switches it on as soon as the sun goes down and I adore it. Each item is made and packaged with love and you can literally feel T’s energy in each piece.”