What are the chains made of?

Unless stated otherwise; 

All Chains are Sterling Silver, Gold Filled or Gold Vermeil. 
Solid 9/18k Gold Chains are available via custom order.

Please reach out through our contact form if you would like to discuss a custom design.

Make sure to carefully read and follow our recommended care instructions listed below.

Caring For my Jewellery.

To ensure lengthened duration and maximum wear of your piece, please do not:

  • Wear your jewellery in the Shower, Water (beach, lakes, chlorinated or salt water pools), Gym or during excessively active sessions (running, hiking, climbing, etc).
  • Spraying perfumes or using oils/lotions. Direct exposure may cause a reaction with the metal plating and result in deterioration over time.
  • Please do not sleep in your piece, we toss and turn endlessly through the night. This may cause unnecessary strains on chains and attachment points resulting in breaks. 
  • Some lengths of necklaces may find the Crystal at the same length as tables and desks. Make sure when sitting down you don’t smack your crystal on these objects.
  • Be gentle with your crystal when taking it off and putting it on the table, all crystals are incredibly fragile and can chip easily if forced in contact with solid objects.

Tarnishing and deterioration may naturally occur over time.

Can I wear my Jewellery in the Shower?

We strongly recommend not wearing your crystals in the shower.
The heat may in time affect the bonding attachment area of your piece and the water will also wear away the resistant coating resulting in increased tarnish.
Please also note that there are a number of crystals that don’t react well to being wet.

Avoiding water is the safest option.