Hi Angel,

My Name’s Tiona & THIS Is My World.

I began Mallow & Thyme at the age of 18.
At the time, it started as a creative release in the form of a hobby and over time became a major form of identity for me.
For as long as I can remember - Crystals have been my world. 
As a child growing up, I would find myself on endless adventures, searching and feeling my way to beautiful natural formations.
Everything about them appealed to me, from the colours to the clarity to the unreal growth patterns. 
As I’ve grown older my love of jewellery & Crystals naturally merged together creating an aligned brand and the very best of both worlds.
To be able to work with Crystals every day and transform them into one off pieces for my customers to enjoy today is one of the most rewarding creative paths I feel I could have pursued.

Since founding M&T in 2014 I’ve ridden a tidal wave of amazing experiences, and testing times too. If you choose to follow my journey with M&T you’ll come to learn pretty quickly that I share a great deal of my unfiltered experience as a small business owner (good and bad). 
My customers are like family to me and I cherish every connection I’ve been fortunate enough to create with them. 
Always sending love, and blessings.