Our Crystals work incredibly hard for us; absorbing and clearing negative energies (among many other properties).

To repay them and keep them fresh, it’s incredibly important to cleanse them regularly. 

How often you do this will depend on the amount of negative energies being absorbed and processed by the crystal and the work it’s undertaking for you. Having many people touch or surround your crystal may also reduce its effectiveness over time.

Most often you’ll notice your crystal just isn’t giving you the same feeling it did when you first united. This is usually because it needs to be cleansed and recharged.

All crystal pieces are cleared, cleansed and filled with love and light, especially when they’re being touched and crafted.

The love, passion, and joy that goes into creating every piece should be something you’ll feel emitting from your crystal -  making you feel amazing.

To cleanse your crystal yourself, you can;

  • Place them under the Full Moon:

Giving your Crystals a Moon bath, is a well known and super effective method of both cleansing and charging your crystals. You can cleanse crystals in moonlight even when it’s not full but the light is the brightest and best during the peak of the moon cycle.

  • Selenite:
  • Selenite is an effective crystal to clear energies from other crystals. Putting 

    Crystals on a selenite plate or using a wand to cleanse works best.

  • Sun Bath
  • Like putting your Crystals out under the moonlight, the Sun is wonderful at charging and energising your stones. As lengthy exposure can discolour quartz, it’s recommended to limit exposure to around an hour.

  • Smudge Sticks
  • Like smudging your Home, you can use White Sage to clear and reset Crystals as well. 

  • Other Crystals
  • You can use other crystals, (by setting intentions) to clear, cleanse and energise your pieces. 

    The best advice we can offer is to listen to your intuition - tune in and you’ll know when your crystals need a little extra love.