Wings Carnelian Way Shower Necklace

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The Wings Way Shower Necklace reminds us to play and connect back into the replenishing energy of Mother Earth & Heavenly Father. 
YOU are the medicine living harmoniously in this world.
You radiate the light of The Devine by leading with your HEART.  

One of a kind. Polished Pear Shaped Carnelian with beaded Carnelian, Rose Quartz, Pearl, Coral, Glass Beads & Agate.
Material - 14ct Yellow Gold Vermeil Clasp.
Length - 37cm with 5cm extender
Carnelian - 2.1cm x 1.5cm

- Fun & Joy
- Inner Child Nurturing
- Uplifting & Energising
- Creative Energy
- Christ Consciousness.

I'm handmade - please treat me with extra care.
We recommend not wearing this piece to sleep or during vigorous exercise.

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