Mermaid Hearts Necklace

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For the vibrant hearts that call to the sea. The Mermaid Hearts Necklace reminds us of the innate wisdom and wholeness that lay within. 
YOU are the medicine should you choose to be this.
You radiate the light of The Devine by leading with your HEART.  

A One Off Creation. Gold Plated.
- Peacock Aura Cluster
- Ceramick Starfish
- Pearls
- Shells
- Rose Quartz
- Pink Tourmaline
- Amethyst
- Aquamarine
- Rutile Quartz

42cm with 8cm extender.

- Healing (multidimensional),
- Hearts (open & expanding),
- Protective (neutralise fear & guard from physical & psychic attacks)
- Light (Connect to The Devine & amplify light).

I'm handmade - please treat me with extra care.
It's recommended not to wear this piece in water, during exercise or to sleep.

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