Ciao Bella Crystal Grid Jacket (Recycled Denim)

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The first of it's kind; Mallow & Thyme's bespoke, Crystal Gridded Jackets are hand-made to make you STAND OUT in a crowd. Intuitively designed, with Devine crystal grids; this powerful Jacket feels as though you're wearing "The Armour of God" everywhere you go. ONLY made, with locally sourced, recycled Denim; these statement jackets are consciously created in this way to ensure no additional burden is placed on Mumma Earth. 

Limited Edition - Recycled Denim Jackets with Crystal Grid back.
Please Note; Every jacket is unique - ensure you choose an appropriate fit & colour option from the drop down list below.
Hand Painted Design with Intuitive Crystal Grid Layout.

Ciao Bella's Signature Crystal Grid Layout:
1 x Rose Quartz Heart,
4 x Raw Natural Citrine Points,
4 x Lemurian Tangerine Quartz Points,
4 x Tigers Eye Tumbles,
4 x Aquamarine Tumbles,
12 x Citrine Tumbles (Heat treated),
14 x Red Coral Tumbles.

Extreme care must be taken to avoid Crystals coming in contact with rough surfaces. ONLY wash this jacket by hand & spot clean as much as possible.

- Courage,
- Joy,
- Abundance,
- Flow.

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