How often do you restock the website?

Typically, Mallow & Thyme releases new items once a month; either via the website or through a Live/Story Instagram Sale. 

You can keep an eye on updates via our social media pages.
If you require something specifically, please message the page to express your request.

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Facebook -

Do you do custom orders?

Depending on how busy Tiona is; she is sometimes able to offer custom make services. If you require something special please message the page with your request to see if she can help.

How do I pick the right crystal for me?

Ask any of us ‘Crystal Buffs’ and you’ll more often than not receive the exact same answer;
Let your heart choose the crystal that calls to you.
Crystals are personal and will bring each person something different.
With every piece holding many wonderful properties, it is not enough to rely upon provided property lists to inform you of the entire potential of each stone.
For this reason we trust our intuition to guide us to crystals that will aid in what we are subconsciously calling for.
Trust the process and see what magic comes to you.

What are the chains made of?

Unless stated otherwise; 

All Chains and Metal are 9k Yellow/Rose Gold Plated & Silver Plated with a special Tarnish Resistant Coating to improve the duration of wear.
For more information, please visit our ‘Caring for your Jewellery’ page.