Wings Aquamarine Necklace with Pink Tourmaline, Rose Quartz & Pearl

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Ethereal & Angelic - "Wings" reminds us of the Devine Potential that lay within us ALL. Have Courage. Bravely Act in Faith & your wings will carry you further than you could ever imagine.

One of a kind - Uncut, top-grade Aquamarine Crystal with Black Tourmaline inclusion hanging from a Pink Tourmaline and set on a 14ct Rose Gold Vermeil fancy diamond disc chain with hand beaded Rose Quartz, Pearl and Green glass bead features.
Length - 48cm with 7cm extender 
Material - 14ct Rose Gold Vermeil.
Aquamarine - 3cm x 0.7cm

- Intuition
- Devine Feminine
- Trust & Faith
- Devine Love
- Courage
- Highest Potential

I'm handmade - please treat me with extra care.
As this piece is plated over sterling silver - we suggest not washing your hands with it on or exposing it to water to ensure the plating lasts as long as possible. If, like me you are fine with an exposed silver base - wear it as your heart desires!
We recommend not wearing this piece to sleep or during vigorous exercise.

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