(RARE) "Angel Light" Brandberg Super 7 Necklace


The "Angel Light" collection is a finely curated lineup of medium to large sized crystal chunkas with major energy! These pieces are created to channel crystals healing magic in a statement way.

Product Details:
This incredibly Rare crystal
Brandberg: L/ 3.7cm, W/ 3cm.
Chain: Silver Plated Chain (with Tarnish Resistant Coating).
46cm (Chain can be altered).

- Made up of Amethyst Smokey Quartz & Clear Quartz, Brandberg crystals are only found in one location in the world - Namibia, Africa.
- SUPER High Vibrational Crystal.
- Highly protective, positive, and transformational.
- They facilitates connection to higher beings & self, stimulating the understanding of universal connectivity on a molecular level.
- They hellp us embrace the need for light and dark, yin yang, a perfect balance.
- Brandbergs have the ability to surface old issues for reflection, understanding & release, allowing an advanced level of enlightened knowing.

- An exceptionally Rare natural phenomenon, a Super 7 Crystal contains; Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Cacoxenite, Rutile, Geothite & Lepidocrocite.
- Although all of the 7 minerals may not always be visible (sometimes they’re small, micro particles), a Super Seven Crystal still retains all of the properties of its combined contents.
- Super 7 crystals are one of the best when it comes to syncronising, healing, balancing and energising all 7 chakras.
- Helps connect to the planet, and source, reminding us that we are all one.
- One of a limited number of crystals that never have to be cleansed.
- Enhances all psychic abilities while keeping its user grounded.

* Only One. Product Purchased is as pictured above.
** This Necklace will be shipped within 1 Business Day unless stated otherwise.
*** Crystal Meanings & Properties are intuitively channelled by Tiona, they are not to be considered legally binding.