"Radiant” (Lrg) Golden Aura Spirit Quartz Choker (Unique)

The "Radiant" collection provides raw, unpolished crystals in their naturally unique formations. These pieces are hand crafted to channel the crystals healing magic and one of a kind formation for your healing benefit.

Product Details:
Spirit Quartz Aura: L/ 5cm, W/ 3.4cm
(Spirit Quartz with Golden Aura Quartz coating.) 
Choker: Gold Tone Choker. 42cm. (Length can NOT be altered, Style can be swapped to chain).

- Harmonize and cleanse the physical body, chakras, aura and energy meridians.
- Ground the physical body.
- Growth.
- Strong links to Past, Present & Future for channelling.

- Combining Quartz with electroplated Gold we create the Aura Crystal.
- Extremely high & intense vibration.
- Attracts wealth.
- Golden aura amplifies creativity and joy
- Facilitate rapid spiritual growth and enhance intuitive abilities.
- Extremely expansive.

* Only One. Product Purchased is as pictured above.
** This Crystal will be shipped within 1 Business Day.
*** Crystal Meanings & Properties are intuitively channelled by Tiona, they are not to be considered legally binding.