"Angel Light” (XL) DT Clear Quartz with Manifestation & Chlorite Inclusion Necklace

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The "Angel Light" collection is a finely curated lineup of medium to large sized crystal chunkas with major energy! These pieces are created to channel crystals healing magic in a statement way.

Product Details:
Clear Quartz: L/ 6.7cm, W/ 4.5cm, D/ 3.5cm
This special DT Clear Quartz is LARGER THAN LIFE! With a stunning light fracture that throws major rainbows with a rippling portal this crystal is an Angelic Statement unlike any other. Light Chlorite Quartz inclusions scatter this piece with a tiny manifestation crystal on the rear wall.
Chain: Chunky Silver Tone (with Tarnish Resistant Coating).
Special watermelon tourmaline addition at clasp.
55cm (Length may be altered - please message your enquiry).

- The most powerful healing & energy amplifier on the planet.
- Unlock & release blockages.
- Self-discovery & expansion.
- Remove doubt and help clear the mind - allowing intuition to shine through.
- Enhance psychic abilities & attune you to your spiritual purpose.

- An Angelic purifier that connects to the Higher Realms.
- Disperse negative emotions and energies.
- Relieves stress & anxiety.
- Clean and activate all Chakras and Energy Centre's.
- Expansion & enlightenment.
- Connect to Planet Earth, Spirit Guides, & Clairaudience.
- Personal Transformation.

- (A crystal growing within another crystal). An incredibly Rare & Unique natural phenomenon.
- Create, set intentions and manifest with this stone.
- Bring out your youthful nature and find childlike joy and perspective.
- Channel pure white light & the divine within.
- Promote oneness and alignment of your divine purpose.

* Only One. Product Purchased is as pictured above.
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*** Crystal Meanings & Properties are intuitively channelled by Tiona, they are not to be considered legally binding.